The Rights of the Taxpayers

I was caught by some of the issues raised by the “Netizens” about the lopsided encounter between the Moro rebels and the government’s Special Action Force (SAF).

But, the more I was stunned when the SAF members bluntly expressed their disgusts over the way the people in power are running the affairs of the government.

The Netizens expressed their outpouring condemnation of the government’s apparent lackluster treatment of the incident where 44 SAF members died of a clash in Mamapasano in Maguindanao last Jan. 25 2015.

By now, the Central Mindanao town of Maguindanao has gained the notoriety of being the country’s most scandalous lair of criminal elements where two unforgettable carnage occurred.

The two incidents are in stark contrast with each other though. While the unarmed civilians were the first victims of the otherwise known as “political carnage,” the second group was fully armed and highly trained special forces of the government.

First, the killing of 57 innocent civilians, most of them members of the press, sometime on November 23, 2009 dubbed by the Committee to Protect Journalist as “the single deadliest events for journalists in history thereby gaining the country’s shameful compliment as the second most dangerous country for journalists, next only to Iraq at that time.”

The recent carnage of the SAF elements in Maguindanao would definitely gain the country another disreputable honor as the world’s “abysmal” special forces, next only to none. Thus, no thanks, to the obtuse handling of the government’s “mission” that turns into a bloodbath.

Certainly, the military top brasses and the government that include President Aquino, being the Commander-in-Chief, could not escape the repugnance of an angry citizenry. What happened to this government?

Many are asking the question whether it is fair for the government to sacrifice people for the sake of peace. Then, would the slaughter of the 44 police officers would justify the means to attain peace?

The “Netizens” have expressed varied reactions albeit obnoxious and repulsive. The peeved Kris Aquino, the presidential sister, reportedly “unfriended” and “unfollowed” some of her closest friends in the “showbiz” who posted against her brother President’s dismal treatment of the issue.

“President Barack Obama has to cancel his scheduled appointments on learning that the US forces from Iraq are arriving home, just to personally meet the weary soldiers at the airport,” a post reads that infuriated the president’s sister.

Another post that incense Kris Aquino reportedly reads: “President Aquino is fighting corruption, but is surrounded by corrupt cabinet members. He (President) is “Tanga” (moron).” The post went on to appease the readers saying “as a taxpayer, it is their right to comment for or against the government.”

However, all those despicable comments pale in comparison when Interior Sec. Mar Roxas visited the SAF camp last Sunday. The Secretary then encouraged the SAF to speak their minds about the Maguindanao incident.

One of the SAF members told Roxas on the face: “The way the government handled the Maguindanao incident, proved that “this country is not worth dying for.”

The line was in contrast to the statement of former Sen. Benigno Aquino, the father of incumbent President Aquino. While the SAF spoke in his personal capacity as a soldier, his statement clearly expresses the unspoken frustration of most of the members of the country’s military establishment.

We do not want to speculate. However, we have the gut feeling that an omen is shaping up like a volcano that threatens to erupt in an uncertain time. -0-


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