The Phil. gov’t is a hostage in Mindanao

The Moro provinces should abide by the Constitution of the Philippines. This premise should have been the basis of the government’s action toward the Moro problem in Mindanao.
Let us be clear. Any province in Mindanao, whether Christian or Moslem dominated, should abide by the Constitution of the Philippines. This principle is anchor on equality, justice, and fairness regardless of religion and creed.
The government should not allow itself to be a hostage of a minority group. After all, the minority group, actually, enjoys so much privileges and care from the government. We are talking of the predominantly Moslem provinces in Mindanao that government pampers at the expense of the majority of the island’s inhabitants.
There is no truth that the Moslems are discriminated in Mindanao. There is no truth that the Moslems in Mindanao are illiterates. On the contrary, the Moslems occupy some sensitive government positions in Mindanao. The Moslems have one of the best universities in the country that provides free education to the Moro people. The Moslems want autonomy and the government offered them the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). The Moslems are free to move anywhere in Mindanao and elsewhere in the country,
While we believed in the aspiration of the Moslems in Mindanao, we also believed in the aspiration of the non-Moslem people of Mindanao. The government should adopt a balancing act in the treatment of its people. Unless, the government thinks that Mindanao is not part of the Philippine archipelago, then the government should not meddle in the affairs of Mindanao.
In other words, the government should not give preference to any group, sect, or organization in an effort to appease a domesticated rebellion that has its root cause on government neglect. Else, doing so is an admission that the government has neglected its responsibility toward its people.
The people in Mindanao have faith in the government’s capability to impose laws. One should be aware that the respect of an individual’s basic rights is enshrined in these laws known as the Philippines Constitution.
Apart from the Constitution, the government has penal laws that impose punishment to those who violate the laws and to those who trespass the basic rights of a person. Certainly, if the government would only impose the Constitution by heart, there would be nothing wrong in Moslim dominated areas in Mindanao.
When people respect the laws and the instrumentalities of the government, anarchy and chaos are far behind. It is when the people lost the confidence in the government, that chaos and armed conflict become inevitable.
Thus, the government should not resolve the problem in Moslem Mindanao on a piecemeal basis. One of the solutions to the Moslem conflict in Mindanao is for the government to dismantle all the armed groups in Moslem dominated areas and impose the law of the land relentlessly, Let us do away with the belief that arms are part of the tradition and culture of the Moslems. After all, the non-Moslems have also arms by tradition and history. However, the modern times have already discarded most of the traditional beliefs, including the despicable culture that arms elevate the status of the person in an otherwise peaceful community. -0-


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