Let us get rid of corrupt public officials

Now, as the election fever rises, we could feel the effects on the performance of the incumbent administration even in the backyard of the local government.
Being the ruling political party, the incumbent Liberal Party supposedly enjoys an upper hand in terms of popularity, trust, and confidence in the national and local perspective.
However, with the issues that confront the administration, the political atmosphere around the ruling political party is now in odieux frustration. The notion of political exodus has now become the daily apprehension among political watchers, who share the thoughts over a cup of coffee.
The same can be said of the status of the local Liberal Party, particularly in Cagayan De Oro City and Misamis Oriental, where the political party is unpopular. Nobody could blame anyone if the Liberal Party could not muster the required support of the voters in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan De Oro City. After all, some of the incumbent elected public officials are nobody but “political opportunists.” Did anybody say that most of the local officials, who were elected after aligning with the Liberal Party, are simply “turncoats?”
Well, we do not enjoy the liberty to prejudge the integrity of the elected public officials. After all, the public often wonders how the officials have been elected into office. Obviously, the presumption of election fraud is the siblings of doubt.
First, the people have expressed the strong feelings that the 2010 elections were rigged. The issue simply cropped up after accusations that the favored candidate turned out to be incompetent. That winning the electoral battle was nothing but the delusion of parental popularity. Blame it to the voters!
In the local scene, the accusation of election fraud has been exacerbated when the elected public officials have been indicted with various graft cases. There is a popular observation that the public official has the audacity to commit corruption because of the assurance of protection by party mates. It is hard to subscribe to this idea, else we will have a government of robbers and con men. If it is true, then, the people are duty bound to condemn and put to an end the despicable evils that run the affairs of the government.
Now, as the election season is heating up, the voters should rethink the blunder of electing corrupt and calloused public officials. One should vote on the basis of integrity and track records rather than party affiliation. The electorates should also keep guard on elected public officials who thrived on lip service – this is prevalent in the local level.
Perhaps, it is also time to review and scrutinize the life style of the elected public official. While there are those who appeared to be serving the constituents under pretext of integrity, the skeletons in the closet have been smoke-screened in Johari window. There are politicians who have discreetly enriched themselves while in public office by amassing wealth and properties apart from public scrutiny. We would appreciate if the public would come to expose the “worms” of public officials who feign public service in the guise of honesty. -0-


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