The scents and sounds of Lent

“It is time to forgive and forget,” one of the phrases that sound familiar when the Lenten Season comes. “In behalf of my family, I wish to extend my sincere greetings on the occasion of the Holy Week. I hope that the occasion will give us time to, once more, reexamine ourselves and mend our ways to give meaning to the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross for our sins,” another exemplified expression that one usually hears during the observance of the Holy Week.
Anyway, the expressions are paid advertisements that are heard or read on the radio and the newspapers. Most of them, are the nothing but political overtures of politicians who usually try to sell an immaculate image. Others described the Lenten greetings by politicians as a “façade” behind a colossal edifice of “lies” and “hypocrisy.”
It is also revolting to learn about politicians who, most of the times, try to capture the focus of the Roman Catholic faithfuls by being the center of attraction in churches during the reenactment of the Passion of Christ.
When it comes to politicians who have the gall of using the Church as a venue of heralding a veiled deceit, Cagayan De Oro City is not an exception, too. Some politicians have the callousness to even speak during Homilies – as if trying to tell the churchgoers of sparing them from the stigma of graft and corruption while in public office.
Once, an apparently disgusted boy asked his parents on the presence of the “politician” who once delivered a political homily during the Holy Week at the height of an election fever then. [By the way, the Philippines observed the Holy Week every month of April, a month prior to the scheduled mid-year elections in May.]
Undoubtedly, a boy who considerably expressed an inquisitive albeit innocent mind could have expressed such unsolicited observation, one could only heave a sigh of relief on the thoughts of the churchgoers at that time. After all, another churchgoer opined, that the politician must have paid a large sum of “sponsor money” to unabashedly talk in front of the devotees.
Talking about sponsorship, one simply wonders why the Roman Catholic Church allows politicians to sponsor activities that are naturally apolitical. Has the church become too political that its actions have now become an object of incredulity?
As Roman Catholics and pious Christians, we do not doubt our faith. However, as Catholics, we could not but be downgraded when a solemn occasion like the observance of the Holy Week or during a feast of thanksgiving like the Resurrection of Christ is marred by the presence of politicians who preach nothing but lies and distrust.
We believed, it is for the advantage of the Roman Catholic Church and the faithful to shun political sponsorship in all church activities. After all, the Catholics do not need politicians to elevate their faith and religious obligations. Let us consecrate a solemn and relevant observance of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ


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