The time comes for restitution

A lot of whispers in the political circle are now getting louder. The rumors about the possible candidates are gradually emerging. But, who are the candidates? While there are those who are excited, many are also dismayed at hearing the names of wannabes – whether reelectionist or not.

Sometimes, one is astonished why people dislike names of candidates already known to them. Thus, perhaps, there is the feeling that the public officials being unworthy of the votes. Any idea on how the electors measure the capability of the elected public officials?

Someone mused that there is no need to measure the worth of elected public officials. They said that the reactions and the frustrations of the constituents in the way these elected public officials are running the affairs of their administration speaks louder than words.

But, why blame the elected officials? Isn’t it that the voters sold their votes and that the elected public officials are not, in any way, compelled to serve them in return? Can the voters claim the right to demand services when they themselves are to be blamed of their misery?

Well, there are also insinuations that the voters did not actually vote the incumbent public officials. The voters claimed they were cheated because they could not even account their own votes in their own precincts! These allegations are sometimes stranger than fiction. Nevertheless, with a widespread accusation of election fraud, the complaint could be true.

It is for this reason that one should seriously consider on whom to vote when elections come. If there are enough grounds – whether proven in court or not – that the elected public officials are corrupt, by all means, the voters should campaign to get rid of these public officials perceived to be corrupt and immoral. These corrupt public officials have no place in public service!

In any case, there is no need to tell who these corrupt public officials are. After all, we have written many times in the past that the public knows better the integrity of their leaders.

Now, as the election season is coming closer, it is time to review how the incumbent public officials fare in the last three years. It is also fair to take a second look for those who lost in the 2013 elections. Thus, a careful assessment of the performance of the winner and the losers could provide the voters an informed decision.

Perhaps, if the voters have mistakenly voted for an incompetent and a corrupt public official, then, it is only fair to boot out the public official from office. The fear of a formidable political machinery, especially the ruling political party, is not a ground to douse the resolve to kick the public officials out of office. The voters should not be cowed and be threatened with election fraud. Instead, the votes should rally together to expose the harbinger of deceit and the duplicity in the exercise of electoral polls. -0-


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