Writers never dies, never retire

For more than 30 years, I have been writing an opinion column of varied interests, mostly involving politics, economy, social advocacy, and governance. As a journalist, I have spent more than half of my life in writing. Looking back, I thought of quitting.

Some opinions that I wrote were controversial, others were intriguing, but all of them were informative, interesting, and entertaining.

I just wonder why every time I want to quit, the craving to write again becomes compelling. However, I sometimes noticed that the many ideas that prop up in my mind are more of apprehension and frustration.  Perhaps, boredom is setting in. Perhaps, my mind is aching for a more challenging ideas and opinions.

What idea would leave an impression in the lives of many? What opinion would challenge the minds of the readers to move – either decisively or indecisively?

Every writer and opinion maker expects that every letter in print would draw reaction of equal contempt and admiration. Without the ingredient of hate and compassion, the opinion piece is like a piece of filthy rag. Without the element of contradiction and the harmony of conflict, the opinion piece becomes monotonous. These are the demands that always confront the opinion writers.

However, every trained writer always strived for perfection. Perfection in thoughts, perfection in the interpretation of issues and facts, perfection in grammar and English (although a second language) are obsessions of every writer.

While perfection is next to impossible, the aim of attaining perfection is an ideal guide for anyone who wants to excel in any field of endeavor. Thus, like anyone, all writers also share the same goal: Perfection.

Verily, the road that leads toward perfection makes writing replete with boredom. It is for this reason that most writers sometimes experience “mental block” or in the state of “drying up.” The young should not be cynical, however, because the “old hands” usually feel the drying up experience. It is when the depletion of the stock of information, knowledge, and experience that lethargy becomes pregnant with boredom and exhaustion.

However, the writer has an obligation to uphold and protect the rights of the readers. It is the right of the readers to know that every writer is obliged to share the information to the community. The responsibility is very demanding that a writer is constrained to write or report by exigency of circumstance. It is for this reason that this columnist strives to fulfill the chosen mandate of writing daily to inform the readers about the issues that affect their lives.

It is in the sharing of thoughts with readers that this writer is drawing the strength to survive against the symptoms of drying up. It is the determination to serve the reading community that makes a writer an exceptional species.

I always maintain the preponderance of truth that when all the professions reached the age of retirement, the profession of writing never retires and the writings of those who have written “30” shall never die.  – 0 –


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